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Hey Whyville, this is razelberi, signing in.....

Part of my daily routine is to read the Whyville Times. Yours should be, too. There are so many things that you can learn about on Whyville. It's like a virtual world. People are reporting constantly on events in and out of Whyville.

The important question is, why should you?

Let me tell you why. Writing for the Whyville Times is a great way to practice your typing, extend your vocabulary, improve grammar, and learn about things that you never thought existed. You will discover a whole new world behind that page on your screen that says "Whyville Times" at the top.

How do you write for the Times? Simple. All you have to do is follow my lead. First, go to "compose a letter" in your email, and type times@whyville.net in the "To:" bar. Now all you have to do is write your Whyville name, the kind of article you're writing, and the title for your subject, and begin. For example, for this article I would have written "razelberi; help article; How To Write". Don't forget your username!! You want to take credit for your work, don't you?

You can write stories, poetry, report on events that are happening in another place on this planet, events that have taken place in Whyville, book reviews, or anything else you can think of! Heck, you can even report about the number of trees it takes to make enough newspapers for every person in Toronto, Canada. (That would be cool to read.) Research about different cultures and tell all of Whyville what you know about the people and their religion. You can write about the habits of the Pink-Toed-High-Tailed-Big-Footed-Polar-Bear that is quickly decreasing. (I doubt that animal even exists, but you get my point about 'learning' when reading the Times, right?)

Remember, focus on the facts on what you are reporting about. In real life, that's what reporters have to do.
I strongly advise you to gather your information before you go ahead and start typing. Otherwise, you'll end up like me, and have to delete everything, because the Pink-Toed-High-Tailed-Big-Footed-Polar-Bear's house is a mud hut, not a creepy cave in the Alps, and you've been writing about the Black Bear's house, instead. Get it? I didn't think so. What I'm trying to say is, gather your information and make a plan before you begin your article.

Lastly, spell check it, and read it over again. Make sure to add sentences here and there if you feel it needs more "oomph", and delete those that don't get to the point. Now you're ready to send it in.

This is the most tricky part. Now, pay close attention. Bring your cursor over to the "send" button, and click it once.

What do you mean that wasn't hard? Maybe it's just me who needs help... hmmm....

You have to remember that not all articles are accepted. If yours isn't, don't be discouraged. Just think of it as your mother encouraging you to try again, harder this time. (Whoa, but don't let your 'mother' ground you for not writing as long this time....)

Thanks for reading, and have a great summer. I know I will! =oD

This is razelberi, making a life-sized mural of Good Charlotte on her bedroom wall with finger paints....


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