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Chantel Rides the Bus

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Chantel Rides the Bus

by MCBear
Whyville Jokester

On the first day of school a little girl named Chantel (shan't- tell) was walking to her bus stop thinking, "I hope I don't get in trouble today."

As Chantel waited she repeatedly thought, "My bus is 872." Just then the bus pulled up in front of her and she climbed on.

As she climbed onto the bus the bus driver (Mrs. Stanley) questioned, "What is your name?" Carelessly Chantel replied, "Chantel."

Now Mrs. Stanley was very little on patience and thought that the girl wouldn't tell her. Mrs. Stanley then asked, "Who are your parents?"

Simply, Chantel started to reply, "Ben Dover (bend-over) and..." but never finished for was interrupted by Mrs. Stanley who said, "Just go sit down somewhere while I write you up." (You see, Mrs. Stanley thought she meant 'bend over.') Confused, Chantel obeyed.

Minutes after a young girl gave an ear-piercing scream and yelled, "A frog!" Immediately everyone was screaming so the bus driver stopped to calm everyone down (which took a number of minutes.)

Once the screaming had stopped, Mrs. Stanley snapped, "Who put this frog here?" At once everyone pointed their fingers at the new girl, Chantel. Frustrated, Mrs. Stanley screeched, "I'm writing you up!!"

Unfortunately for Chantel, the boy beside her was hitting a Kindergartner in front of them, and so Mrs. Stanley questioned, "What is that boy's name who is siting next to you?"

Without thinking, Chantel replied, "Neil Down (kneel-down)." Thinking Chantel meant for her to kneel down, she turned a bright red and screamed, "That is it! I'll make a deal with you that if you're good all the way to school then I won't write you up!"

Silently, Chantel nodded, and the rest of the way to school she made sure she was very good. As Chantel climbed off the bus at school she thought happily, "I'm glad I didn't get into trouble on the bus!"



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