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My Safari Experiences

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Well, it's another fun year for the Solstice Safari. This is my third safari, my last one having been last summer, and I'm very excited for this one!

The Solstice Safari is a great experience. First of all, you meet so many new people. My team last year was Team 8, the winner of the summer safari. Winning is definitely great, but it's really just the icing on top of an already delicious cake! We also had a great time.

I wasn't the leader, and I couldn't make it to many of the meetings, but it was still awesome. My team made over 400 posts on the BBS boards, which was rare for a safari a year ago. That was the summer that I really learned about teamwork. Yeah, our team had its own fights, especially over who was going to be team leader. But it ended up okay. We learned that the prestige of being team leader isn't everything and that no matter who led us, we would be a strong team if we bonded together. And that's what happened. We came in first on all three team challenges and actually had fun in the process.

This year, I've signed up with team one. Our name is the SUPA SAFARIARS and we are setting out to win. As of now, I'm the leader of my team. However, it's going to be tough to win this one. Team 30 has many of last winter's winners, whereas my team has mostly new people to the safari. But I'm not about to lose any hope!

Anyway, I guess my point is to have a whole mess of fun this year doing the Solstice Safari. Team leaders, lead your teams well! Don't just set out to win. Set out to have fun, make friends with all of the team, and to learn lots. That's really what this whole thing is about, anyway.


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