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What's New This Week?

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Have you researched and written something for the Whyville Summer Staff contest? Hurry! The deadline for your writings is next week!

City Hall has a few announcements this week, including preparations for The Whyville Senate. Get ready for organized (*cough, cough*) government in Whyville!

Also in the news is a new Trading Post system. As I understand it, the new system will let you post your parts for a set amount of time. If your buyer arrives, suggests a price, and you accept, then the sale will happen. If you don't agree on the part price, then nobody gets ripped off, because no clams or parts will be traded. You should use this any time that someone wants to buy from or sell to you. No more scams, so long as you use the Trading Post!

In related news, City Hall has lifted the ban on giving more than five ClamGrams per day. More and more citizens are careful to keep their passwords to themselves, so it's safe to let you trade as many clams as you can afford. This is especially great news for those of you starting (or already running!) your own businesses!

Here's the bad news for the day: your face won't live forever. The fact is, the thousands upon thousands of face parts that exist in Whyville puts an enormous strain on the database that supports Whyville. As more citizens come (and they will, inevitably!), it will get worse and worse.

Fortunately for the speed of your visit to Whyville, Akbar has discovered that face parts in Whyville are just like clothing in the real world: eventually, they grow old and wear out. So, after a month or two, the parts you're wearing will disappear from your satchel. Fortunately, they'll be recycled, thanks to Grandma's dedicated efforts.

Face part designs and dances are also affected by this! That means you may want to save to your home computers the stats for dances, as well as the images of parts you designed three months or more ago -- they're going to go away in a week or two!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... but go back up to the top and read the good news. I hope that'll make you feel better. And to our U.S. citizens, enjoy your fireworks and BBQ's! Happy 4th of July, and happy belated Canada Day to our northern bretheren!

Times Editor


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