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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

If you still haven't visited Mimi at her new dance studio, you're missing out on Whyville's newest craze -- dancing! If you've caught the dancing bug already, you'll have even more reason to visit Mimi again, because this week, you can learn new dances and even create original dances of your own!

If your dance is hip enough, people will pay you clams to learn them from you. Tired of scraping by laboring over face parts? Here's your new business idea!

And speaking of clams, clam-throwing has been abolished because of how insecure it was. People stole clams that weren't meant for them. Many more clams were thrown than were ever received! It's a system with many problems, so in its place, City Hall has introduced a more secure way for Whyvillians to conduct their financial transactions.

Enter the ClamGram! Now you can wire clams to your friends, employees, and service providers safely and be worry-free. The ClamGram Office will be inside of City Hall, but until the elevator is fixed, access the ClamGram Office from your bus menu.

As for the Times, this week we bring you an extra-heavy double issue. We've got Genesis Award winners, interviews, fiction, book reviews, poetry, ads, and more. There are a lot of articles, but it is a double issue that will have to last you for 2 weeks, so pace yourself accordingly.

I almost forgot -- I've been informed that the secret disco entrance has once again moved. Hint? It's a hole in the ground, so keep an eye out for dirt.

Stay tuned to the Times,

The Editor


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