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Making Money, Making Faces

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Making Money, Making Faces

by shelly1
Times Writer

Hi, this is shelly1 reporting! Lots of newbies have been asking me for help lately, so I decided to make an article for everybody to read and find stuff out about our beloved town, Whyville.

The most frequently asked question that I have been asked is, "How do I get a salary?" or "How do I make more money?" So I will do some explaining on the subject.

How to get a salary -- First things first. On the left side of your screen you will see a bus. On top of the bus you will see a red backpack. If you click on it you will see a bunch of icons, but the one you should click on is the black book labelled "Ledger". After that you will see three headings at the top of the page, named Bank Statement, Salary Ledger, and Bonus Ledger.

Click on the Salary Ledger and a list of games will appear that you can play. The better you do at the games, the higher your salary will go. If you get a bronze, your salary will go up by 1, if you then get a silver your salary will go up by another 1, and if you then get a gold prize, your salary will go up by 3 more.

If you play the alien game, it will raise your salary anywhere from 1 to 12, depending on how many aliens you rescue. There is also the House of Illusions, where, depending on how many rooms you go through, you can get as many as 8 for your salary. The Great Balloon Race is the same, you'll get 1 for each level you complete, up to 6.

Last but not least are the BBS Postings. This refers to the bulletin boards here at Whyville. It's not about how many you post, but how many people respond to what you say, so be interesting when you post! Depending on how many answer you, your salary will go up as much as 5. The only disadvantage to this "game" is you have to play it every week!


The second most frequently asked question that newbies ask me is "How do I get a face?"

How to get a face -- On the bus, use the scroll down menu until you see an icon called Pick Your Nose (you won't actually be picking your nose, you'll be choosing it), and select it. You'll have a series of items to put on your face, for example noses, lips, and dreadlocks for hair.

Now, if you want different face parts, scroll down on the bus again until you find an icon that says Body Parts. There you can buy a whole lot of things. But since you are new you probably don't have a lot of clams, so just go to the link labelled Bargain Basement.

Bargain Basement has lots of cheap stuff for people to buy. After you buy the stuff, just go back to the Pick Your Nose place and choose the item you want to go on your face, place it where you want it to go, and click and it will stay. Do that until you are happy with your face and then click done. And then you're done making your face!

I hope I helped with your problems! If you have anything else you're having problems with, just Y-mail shelly1, that's me! I'll try to answer all your questions!

Your devoted reporter,




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