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City Hall Shut Down

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City Hall Shut Down
Work on City Hall brought to a standstill

      Construction on the new Myville City Hall has been postponed while work crews struggle to keep up with their increasing number of area residential projects. Each additional house takes time and effort away from the government building, says a spokesperson for Whyville. "But that's okay," he says. "We're very happy to see so many creative residents moving into our fine city. City Hall can wait for a little while."

      "Well, we've got a lot to do," explains Marty Buildenhammer, head foreman for the City Hall effort. His company is also in charge of most of the local area renovations. "There's a number of these homes that appear to be defying gravity, what with the floating attics and unusually shaped rooms. In order to safely engineer everything, we've had to pull just about every available man from the City Hall job. That's naturally going to result in delays."

      In the meantime, Myville seems to be surviving without its official building quite nicely. Town coordinators keep developing the city plans and making improvements all over the place. There haven't been any complaints to speak of. In fact, aside from the occasional scientific paradox-see last week's article regarding Whyville's unusual tourists-life continues as normal. We all keep growing, asking, learning, and, eventually, knowing.


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