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The Last Frontier: Uranus

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The world's last frontier is space, the most outer reaches known to man. Now, each week for 5 more weeks, I will report on something of interest from the realms of space.

by Etrnl *
Space Explorer

The Last Frontier: Uranus

Uranus, the funniest planet. No matter how you say it, it still comes out with a laugh. But what is Uranus, and where did its name come from? Let's take a look-see:

Uranus was not only the sky, but he was also called Chaos, or evil. He created the universe as we know it, or so the Greeks thought. He swallowed his children, and, as the sky, that wasn't much for him.

MISSIONS: There has only been one voyage: Voyager 2 from the USA was launched August 20, 1977. It arrived 9 years later, doing a pretty limited fly-by.

Uranus doesn't have a ring, but a partial ring! Amazing! There are 17 moons in all too! Uranus has icy moons and small rocky moons.

Uranus itself is covered with clouds. It's mainly methane in those clouds. That atmosphere is practically pollution! Methane smog blankets the planet. And, Uranus has stripes, just like Jupiter and Saturn, although it's very hard to see!

Well that's all for this episode. You can find more information about Uranus at this site.

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