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by Tech-Girl
Girly Fashion



by Sparkles

Attention all citizens! A new company is starting in Whyville... a fashion company. Low weekly wages are paid but it's worth it! Please consder Y-mailing blondchick or Sparkles, thanks!




by Bigman22
Football Player

The Whyville football team is a big hit! We will start August 14th at the Sportplatz. If you have any questions, Y-mail me, Bigman22. I am also thinking about starting a Whyville weightlifting gym; if you're interested, let me know!




by Margaret
Agent of The Agency

Hey everyone! The Agency, run by me, is expanding.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it yet or not, we do plenty of stuff. Like bodyguarding weddings or plays, or whatnot. And my specialty, finding lost buds! Ya know, like you're talking to someone and leave, but forget their name, tell us! We'll find them.

Or, like your looks? Don't wanna get them messed up by projectiles? Use our bodyguards!!!

Aaaaaaand, theres a BIIIG sale all summer long. Till September. So prices are loooooow. And everyone gets served, because we have lots of agents. So hire us!

If you do, contact me (Margaret) or my bud DrDoom. We'll do anything, for a considerable price (better for you). And if you get in a hassle with someone WE CAN BE YOUR LAWYER! Hassle? what a funny word.

    Some Prices:
  1. Guards -- 3 clams per every 7 mins (4 every 2 guards). And 1 clam per projectile used.
  2. Bodyguards -- 3 clams per every 10 mins.
  3. Finding a lost bud -- 10 clams.
  4. Lawyer -- 4 clams per every 5 mins.
  5. Anything else -- Tell us, we'll find a considerable price.



by gogogal
Insurance Agent

Hi! gogogal speaking! I'm here to tell you about my new insurance company.

In the past we have had happenings such as stolen clams, missing clams, and so forth. With my insurance company, you can replace those clams or most of them by opening a case and picking your rate.

Say that you opened a case and your rate was 100 clams a week, and you had paid for 4 weeks, then some lousy dude got on and stole 300 clams from you. The insurance would cover that. I would give you your 300 clams and you would have the stolen clams paid off.

You can pick your rate at any amount to pay by the year, week, or month. If you want insurance y-mail me and tell me you want to open a case and tell me your rate per year, month, or week.

This is gogogal signing off, bye!



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