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The Whyville Forum

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The Whyville Forum

by Sparkles

It's all about da change!

So many people are looking for change about Whyville lately so I was curious about what they wanted to see changed! I asked them all the same question: If we could have one more building in Whyville what should it be? I got many answers which are among the following:

bbyangel: Well, I think there should be a mall with restaurants and stores we could go into and buy things.

gogogal: An arcade with games for fun and for games!

Aaliyah: Umm... maybe a cafe and definitely a beach!

Lutra: Beach beach beach!!!

Gromett: A skate park would be cool!

Amys: A beach and a zoo.

Kandee: MALL!!!!!!!!!!!

CoolioCam: A restaurant of some kind.

Well these were the responses I got and I hope you try some of them out. The people would surely appreciate it!

This is Sparkles signing out..........4 now!



by Andy27

Here is an interview on different topics around Whyville with a well-known Whyvillian, Natalia!

Me: What do you think about getting married at Whyville?
Natalia: Well, if you know the person for long enough then it's okay but not if you have only known them them for a week, and if it is only for popularity then no, it's not a good idea.

Me: What do you think about duct taping and the length that it remains on?
Natalia: Well if they say something bad or mean, then they deserve it, but how long it stays should be based on the severity of the stuff they say.

Me: What do you think about the Whyville Square being a whisper-free zone?
Natalia: Well, I think everyone should say "hi" to people when they join, but I don't think it should be a whisper-free zone.




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