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Faith's Garden

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Faith's Garden

by Sarahbear

Once upon a time, there was a princess, whose name was Faith. Faith was the youngest member of her royal family. She lived with her parents and sisters in an elegant castle in an enchanted forest.

Her father, the king, had created a law that stated no one was allowed to be out of the castle late at night. There were a few guards that were exempt from this law, because they made sure that everyone else follow the law.

The King began to worry about his youngest daughter. Faith was sleeping in very late. Also there were rips in her clothing that had not been there the day before.

Princess Faith loved to dance. She also loved starry nights and the gardens. She loved to sneak out of the castle to dance in the gardens, when the stars shown the brightest and no one was around.

This was like her own palace that no one knew about. The flowers were her subjects that danced in the wind. The stars were onlookers, who loved to watch the princess dance. Some birds would sing sweet songs for her. There was someone else who played music but Faith did not know whom.

Princess Faith felt loved in her garden. This was a secret no one could know about. If someone knew then it would be the end of the princess's palace.

The King would ask the guards every morning, if anyone was out that night. "No one dared to break your law, my king," the guards would say every morning. The King was pleased with this.

One night, Faith went to her garden. This night was special, for Faith had came earlier then usual. She took the risk of being caught. Faith laughed and danced.

One of the guards on duty had heard the laughter and looked for the source. As he looked, he saw a child dancing. "Could this be the youngest princess?" he thought to himself. As he sneaked forward, he saw it really was the princess.

"Princess, you must come with me," the guard commanded.

"Why must I go with you?" asked the princess.

"Because, princess, you have broken the law and we must see what your father wants to do with you," the guard answered.

The guard forced Princess Faith into the castle. On their way to the King's chambers, Faith freed herself from the guard's hold. She ran out of the castle and into the gardens, not knowing what to do next.

The guard told the King what had happened. The King called for more guards to search for his daughter. They were warned that the princess carried a dagger with her.

Princess Faith wandered though the gardens, wondering what she should to. She thought about the dagger that she carried with her. "Maybe death will be better then this," she thought to herself.

Faith reached for the dagger in her pocket. She cried as she pulled it out of its rightful place. She knew what she was going to do would hurt people who loved her.

"It's not worth it, princess!" a voice whispered.

"Who's there? How do you know that it is not worth it?" Faith asked.

"Princess, there are so many people who care about you," the voice answered. "Do not be scared of your father. He only wants to protect you. I will be with you always. I have always been with you, especially in the gardens," the voice whispered. "Good bye, fair Princess."

There were guards lurking around when Faith was talking. As they stepped forward, Faith placed the dagger over her throat.

"Who goes there?" Faith asked when they stepped forward.

"Princess, please give me the dagger," a guard demanded, as he extended his hand to receive the dagger.

"No! Why can't you leave me alone to die?" Faith answered. Faith stepped backwards and into another guard's arms. The guards forced Faith to the ground. The guard then took the dagger away from the princess, so she could not hurt herself or anyone else. Meanwhile, the rest put chains on Faith's wrists and ankles, so she could not get away, this time.

The guards had to drag the princess into her father's chambers. Upon their entrance, the king woke up. He was not pleased with being woken up at midnight.

The King listened, again, carefully to his guard tell him what happened. He did not care to have his daughter tell her side of the story. With that, he ordered his guards to lock the princess in her chambers and no one was allowed to visit her. He also ordered that all objects that might be used as weapons be put far out of Princess Faith's reach.

"Father!" Faith begged. "Don't do this to me. I will die without my garden, like a flower without water. Or worse I will kill myself!"

"I am sorry my daughter, but you disobeyed me. And now you have to pay the price," said the King to his youngest daughter. "Also I should not allow any talk of you killing yourself."

"Guards!" the King yelled. "Please take her away. I can not stand to look at her for another moment."

And with that the guards dragged the princess away. Faith would not go without trying to fight. She kicked and screamed but it did no good. When the guards reached Faith's chamber, they tied her to the bed. As she lay there, trying to free herself, the guards locked up the room to make sure she could not escape.

The next morning the guards came into Faith's chambers and untied her while she still slept. They also placed some food on the table, so that she may have something to eat during the day. One of the guards felt sorry for the princess, so he had placed a few flowers in her chambers.

When Faith awoke that morning, she screamed to be freed. No one answered she. She started weeping. "Why didn't I just kill myself when I had the chance?" she thought to herself.

As Faith said those words, a fairy arose from inside the flower on the table. Faith was shocked by what was happening. She did not know if she should be scared or happy. She did neither one. She fainted.

As Faith regained consciousness, she was flooded with flowers from the skies above. She was filled with peace and happiness. She didn't know why but her feet danced with the drift of the wind.

Faith didn't know where she was but it seemed familiar. It was like she had been there all her life. She also felt someone else's presence, as if someone was following her.

"Who is there?" Faith asked the air.

"It is me, the flower fairy," said the fairy.

"Why are you following me?"

"I am your protector. I am the one who played the music in the garden."

"Where am I? Why am I here?"

"You are in the garden. I took you here because I want you to be happy."

Faith was happy. She returned to her bedroom, the same way she left. But now she felt at peace. Just like she did in the garden. Now the garden is inside of her.



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