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An Honorable Proposal

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An Honorable Proposal

by Bigfoot Bill
Times Writer

Hey, folks. We have a problem here.

It's not an unusual problem. From ancient Babylon to today's United Nations, in China and Disnleyland, people have had to deal with this issue.

The problem is, how do we get people to behave nicely?

The quick answer is to make rules. Some folks think that the more bad behavior there is, the more rules we need. Other folks believe that absolute freedom is the best way; they think that rules only mess people up and keep them from behaving naturally.

Me, I think that rules can be good things, but only if there are not too many of them. That's why I like what some schools and businesses around the world have: an honor code.

For example, the honor code of Whyville could be:

"No Whyville resident shall take advantage of another resident, or make another Whyville resident uncomfortable through his or her actions."

That's it! Pretty simple, huh?

The honor code relies on citizens to behave honorably and take the high road, even when faced with a tough situation. It does NOT mean that if someone curses at you that you can curse back, and it does NOT mean that if someone steals your Frisbee you can steal something of his or hers. If you do, you will have broken the honor code just as much as the other person, and you don't want to stoop to that level, do you?

I propose that we at Whyville adopt an honor code. I think everybody at Whyville should have to sign the code, promising to follow it at all times. I've posted it as a petition at City Hall; please sign it if you think this sounds cool!

As a brilliant philosopher once said, "Be excellent to each other!" That's all I ask for.

Editor's Note: What do you think about the honor code? What do you think should be the punishments for breaking the honor code, like cursing and so on? Do you want to propose a constitution? Get your ideas heard, write for the Times!



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