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Giggler01 Has Last Laugh

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Whyvillians turned out in droves for the community's first-ever senatorial elections. And the winner, by a plurality, is Giggler01. Giggler01 ran an aggressive and organized race from the start, but that didn't stop JayR and Amazing from running competitive campaigns as well. 16,799 unique votes were cast and could be broken down as follows:

  • Giggler01: 7881
  • JayR: 5473
  • Amazing: 3445

The three candidates pled their cases before a packed Greek Theater on August 14 and while there was no clear winner at the debate, the event gave potential voters plenty of food for thought as the candidates grappled with important issues such as the expiration of face parts and mechanics of Whyvillian charity and welfare programs.

"I guess the only thing I really have to say is 'Thank you' to everyone in Whyville, whether you helped me campaign, voted for me, or took the time to send Hate mail." said the senator elect when contacted for this article.

"All of you have helped push me to this point, and I am more grateful then you can imagine.

"There is one person that I need to thank especially, and that is sugarz, who I'm come to refer to as my campaign manager. If anyone has ever pushed to do something, it's her.

"I also want to acknowledge the two candidates, Amazing and JayR. These are two incredible people, both of whom have already contributed significantly to Whyville, and whom I know will continue to do so. They are both wonderful, honest people whom I wish all the best of luck in their next endeavors."

Whyville's first senator is a Y-mail Helper as well as a member of Whyville's Safety Patrol. Additionally, this busy citizen is a Whyville Times Summer Staff Writer. A Whyvillian since June 24, 2001, Giggler01 owns a house at Kepler & Michelangelo in Old Town.

The inauguration will be held on August 29 at 6:30 Whyville Time. Giggler01 will take the oath of office and will deliver her inauguration address.


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