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Do you know that this summer has been the largest period of growth in Whyville's history. For example, just three months ago, Whyville had about 13,000 visitors per day. Over the last week, we averaged over 22,000 visitors. That is almost 10,000 more visitors per day!!

While we think that this is wonderful for our town, we have also noticed that many of the Newbies on the site haven't had a chance to completely understand how everyone is supposed to behave in Whyville. Over the last few weeks, I have gotten a number of y-mails from Newbies asking what the rules for chat are in Whyville. Because of this problem, City Hall has asked me to write a short article on the rules of Whyville chat. The City Workers have also decided that it might help everyone understand the rules if everyone is asked to answer several basic questions about Whyville chat. Starting next Monday, when you log onto Whyville, and before you go to your usual Whyville hang out, you will be asked to answer a few questions about our chat system. If you read the following paragraphs carefully, you should have no problem with these questions. I hope you understand that we are trying to keep everyone safe and happy in our town.

How do we keep Whyville Safe?

Almost everybody on the Internet knows that it is very important not to give strangers your personal information. Personal information includes your name, phone number, street address, school name, and also email and instant messenger information. In order to be safe, we ask you not to send this information to anyone else in Whyville. If someone bugs you for personal information, you should send a 911 report.

What is appropriate to chat about in Whyville?

Everyone should feel free to chat about anything they want in Whyville, as long as it is not offensive to other people. Offensive chatting includes swearing, calling people bad names, and threatening others. If someone is being threatening to you, you should issue a 911 report.

What can you do in Whyville?

The City Workers want everyone in Whyville to have a good time - meet new friends, and have fun. Whyville is not an appropriate place to cyber, use X-rated language, or try to get people to do things they don't want to do.

How do you protect your Whyville account?

The number one problem that City Workers have to deal with everyday is someone who has given someone else his password, and then had his clams or face parts stolen. Giving your password to someone in Whyville only gets everyone in trouble, and therefore is not allowed. If you do give someone your password, City Hall has no choice but to punish your account for anything bad that happens.

Who can you trust in Whyville?

Overall, we know that Whyvillians are amazingly nice and kind people, who like helping other people out, and who prefer to stick by the rules. However, in every group there are a few people who try to take advantage. One way they do is by pretending to be City Workers - and asking for your password or clams. First, all City Workers always wear their City Worker hats (like the one I am wearing). No City Worker ever comes to Whyville without his hat. Second, no City Worker will EVER ask you for your password, or for clams. If someone sends you Y-mail telling you he is a City Worker, asking for your clams or password, file a 911 report right away. That same citizen has probably asked other people too. So remember, no matter how good the story sounds - if there's no City Worker hat, it's not a City Worker.

Finally, when should I use 911?

911 is a very serious reporting system. Please don't use 911 if you are just arguing with someone, or if you heard that someone did something to someone, or if something happened yesterday. However, if you feel threatened, someone is asking you to do something you don't want to do, like cyber, someone tries to trick you into giving him your password, or someone is being very rude and aggressive, issue a 911 report. The City Workers need to know!!

So thanks for listening, and for understanding. City Hall and the City Workers are working to keep you safe - and make sure that everyone in Whyville has a great time. We want you to express yourselves, and have your feelings, but we also expect everyone to be responsible and friendly to other Whyvillians.

See you around,


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