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Get Clams and A Salary In Whyville

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Many Whyvillians and almost all newbies worry about lots of things that happen, could happen, and will happen in Whyville. But one of the things that worries them most is just one single word: Clams.

Clams are Whyville money. There are many ways to get and use clams. For instance, with clams a Whyvillian can buy clothes, hair, accessories for themselves, and even learn a few new dance moves! But some Whyvillians wonder, where and how do we get these oh-so-talked-about clams?

Probably the most known about and used way to get clams in Whyville is playing the games. You can get to places with games by using the pull-down menu on the bus on your screen, or you can get right to the games out of your Salary Ledger. To get to the Ledger, click on the red satchel on top of the bus on the left-hand side of your screen. Once you click on the satchel, click on the black Ledger. Once you click there, at the top of the screen there will be three tabs to choose from. One says Bank Statement, one Says Salary Ledger, and one says Bonus Ledger. Click on Salary Ledger, and there will be a list of games to play. Scroll down the list and click on the game you wish to play. Once you get there, on the bottom of the screen you can click Instructions and it'll tell you how to play. Have fun!

But what about the salary that you're supposed to get? You'll get your clams the day after you've played the game, and you'll know your salary then! You can see how many clams you have and what your daily salary is in your Bank Statement, and you can figure out how much you can raise your salary by and what games you have to play to raise it. The statement will also show you how far you have gotten in the game or activity.

Remember: You'll only get your salary for a day if you actually log in on that day. For instance, if you log in on Tuesday and Friday, but you don't log in on the other days of the week, then you'll only get clams for those days that you logged on.

I hope this article has helped!

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