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The New Senator

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I was lucky to snag an interview with Giggler01 after the swearing-in ceremony. (I ymailed her and she ymailed back.) Here are the questions and answers:

xcgirl: How does it feel to be the senator of Whyville?
Giggler01: I'm happy, but it's a little overwhelming and scary to have so much pressure.

xcgirl: How long do you think your term should be?
Giggler01: Personally, I think I should have a subjective term. That way I can accomplish what I would like.

xcgirl: Do you think you should be able to run again if you want to?
Giggler01: If it is a subjective term, no. And if it's not a subjective term, then yes and no. I think you should be able run once more after you're elected the first time and have a maximum of two terms.

xcgirl: Do you think being the senator change what people think about you?
Giggler01: It might. We'll wait and see.

xcgirl: What is your favorite quote?
Giggler01: "You know the world is a little off tilt, when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest basketball player is Chinese, and Germany doesn't want to go to war." --Charles Barkley

xcgirl: And who is your idol?
Giggler01: My goal in life is not to idolize people. Celebrities and all of those people who people consider role models, are really just humans in my mind. Therefore, I do not have an idol, I have goals, but I do not idolize.

Thanks for your time, Giggler01! I know you will do a great job!

This is xcgirl, signing out! CLICK!


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