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Hey everyone, this is sugarz. I was wondering where the "education" in Whyville has gone. I went to Dr. Leila's house the other day and clicked on the little Giraffe -- all the new posts were about looking for friends, or guys, or needing help with Whyville games! I scrolled down down down, and I saw only 41 posts on giraffes! I took time to go through the various animals, and then it hit me... where did all this go? Who really wants to sit there and read about animals? I know that more than half of the people on Whyville would say it's boring, or it's like going to school, and why would they. Then I realized Dr. Leila use to reply to these posts, but not anymore... because the new posts aren't about education, they are about people looking for girlfriends or boyfriends.

Why is it like this? Why did they like to talk about these things before? Why don't we enjoy it? I THINK I have the answer to this. When Whyville first started out, everyone was so amazed to see what came next, and the BBS was a way people used to communicate before, before we could actually see other people in Whyville like we do now. People took time to go through the posts and respond to each person's questions about animals. It was actually odd for me, but I realized that if I was there at that exact time, would I have done the same? What about you? Would you be posting about animals and asking questions? It's also neat when you get a reply from Dr. Leila herself! :-)

Now here is what I am trying to say: Let's try getting rid of those guy-girl advertisements and post our questions up there. Not necessarily about animals specifically, about how things work? I visited a site called: http://www.howstuffworks.com/. It basically can describe ANYTHING you are curious about well. You can tell that by the name what the site is about, 'how stuff works'. Personally, I think it is a number 1 educational site on getting kids to learn about neat stuff. I took time to read about things like a sewing machine! Hehe! How about we try to get them to sponsor Whyville? How about it, everyone? This is EXACTLY what we are looking for! Now I will be e-mailing them and asking them, so don't spam them! Hehe.

Use the BBS for learning activities, please. Go there now and post a question up, and let's see if Dr. Leila responds to you! : -O

This is Sugarz saying... post post post!


Editor's Note: If you see a BBS posting that doesn't have to do with the topic it's under, you can 911 report it and City Management should delete it. Also, if everyone emails the same group (like How Stuff Works), then they're more likely to think a lot of you want them to sponsor us!


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