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Announcements & Advertisements

by aaron1 and googles
The happy couple

Late on August 2, aaron1 and googles were secretly and quickly married as a sign of their love for each other. The preacher was topdawg3.





by Sari
Dance Organizer

Hello, this is Sari writing to you again. I will be organizing a Sun Ball. A Sun Ball is a type of dance party done in Southern Africa.

The Sun Ball will be held at the Sportzplatz like the prom was. All people who come MUST bring a date. All couples must be boy-girl. If you're going to bring a group of people, you and the people in your group all must have dates. Everyone must wear something appropriate for a big party, like a dress for women and a tux for the men.

There will be quite a bit of dancing, I assure you! There will be a contest for the best dressed couple.

More to come on the Whyville Sun Ball! Stay tuned!



by Amber01
Professional Friend

This is Amber01 here and I would like to tell everyone about my new company.

I'm here to help everyone and anyone on Whyville who needs/would like more friends. I charge 2 clams and then the volunteers that sign up to help will be your assigned friend. The volunteers also get paid, but if you are a bad friend, I will no longer pay you and the person will receive a new friend.

Now, if you don't understand, the point to this is to help newbies and others who have no friends yet.

The sign-up list for volunteers and the ones needing friends is in the Find a Friend BBS. Please check there and sign up. I will Y-mail the ones who sign up, telling them who their friend is and stuff, and I will discuss pay with the volunteers too.




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