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No Chat License!

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Has anyone noticed how now since there's a chat license it is an affect on all of us Whyvillians? I know for a fact that it has had an impact on people who don't listen or obey the rules. It isn't fair to everyone else whose computer will not accept the test and let the user even see it! It just says error to me and many others.

I don't like that because my friend and I can no longer chat due to that recent change. We've been on Whyville for a while and we can't chat. We aren't newbies and we have no records of doing anything wrong, so why do we have to sacrifice our chat -- not to mention games that earn us clams -- just because newbies can't follow the rules? (That's not directed at all newbies.)

I say City Hall should just raise the bar on punishments and post an ad at the city hall stating all rules, consequences and regulations, i.e. take away the test, just raise punishments and post ads for newbies seeking chat help. This would be a great help for me, my friend and I'm sure lots of others who haven't been able to understand what this license thing means when every time you go to a game, city hall, or chat, it pops up "error".

Please take this into consideration, City Hall. Everyone else, if we can get together, we can make it happen.

Yours truly, Hussygirl. Please drop me a y-mail to form a petition -- this too shall pass.


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