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Interview with Superid

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They watch everything you say and do. They creep through town at all hours of the day and night. They know all the shortcuts and all the solutions. They are the CITY WORKERS!!!

We know the city workers are there. Distinguishable by their oh-so-fashionable red and yellow CW beanies, City Workers are hard to miss. But one day I started wondering, "What do the city workers actually do?" So I tracked down one of them, Superid, and asked him a few questions.

JasmineK: What is your job here in Whyville?
Superid: I am actually one of the people who tries to raise funding support for Whyville. I was also one of the people that started Whyville.

JasmineK: How could Whyvillians make your job easier?
Superid: It would be great if any Whyvillians have friends or relatives who might be interested in supporting Whyville -- if they would let me know.

JasmineK: How much time do you spend on Whyville?
Superid: Not as much as I would like to. I try to come to Whyville a couple of times a week, but I am pretty busy trying to help Whyville.

JasmineK: What is the question that people ask you most frequently?
Superid: How they can become city workers. :-) (They also ask me why, if I am one of the owners of Whyville, my face is so ugly. :-( )

JasmineK: Anything else you would like to tell us?
Superid: You guys are great -- thanks for the interview -- you make Whyville what it is!!!

Now, in answer to that frequently asked question -- YOU CAN'T BECOME A CITY WORKER! City Workers are actual adults whose job is to run Whyville. But the question about why his face is so ugly? Sorry, I can't help you there. :-)

All right, there you have it: One city worker's profile. I'm hoping to bring you more soon, but as you know, our city workers are extremely busy. They hardly have time to answer interview questions! (Hey, that would make a good question, "How do you handle
the paparazzi?" Ah well, next time.)

I hope I have given you a slightly better understanding of these mysterious beings who pervade Whyville. Until next time, this was JasmineK.


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