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Beware! Y-Mail Scam!

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When I was reading through my Y-Mail the other day I noticed a Y-Mail titled, "URGENT! READ AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS!!" So I opened the Y-Mail, which consisted of the following:

    Hello, fellow Whyville citizen! I am a Executive of Whyville. The City Council has been considering of making another Club Y since the first one was such a popular place. Except Club Y2 will be an even more fun place! Here are some of the advantages of being in Club Y2:

    1. You do not have to pay 1000 clams to get in, you don't have to pay anything at all!

    2. You will be able to decide on important decisions for Whyville such as whether Whyville should take your face parts away after a month or not.

    3. The veteran members of Club Y2 will be allowed to silence Whyvillians with inappropriate behavior.

    4. When we install the Club Y2 package in your account, a new icon will show up on your bus. If you click on it, it will take you to a page where if you can search up any part you want. If that part is unsellable, it will tell you when that part is in stock again, and when it is in stock again you will get a Y mail telling you that.

    These are just a few things that you will be able to do in Club Y2! If you are interested in joining Club Y2 then we will need you to fill out the following details below:

    NaMe: (Only first name)

    Boy or Girl:

    Current Salary:

    E-mail Address: (If you do not have one then say that you do not have one and we will send you everything you need to know in Y mail. It's just a lot easier to send it by E-mail, which is why we prefer to use it)

    Account NaMe:

    Password: (We need this so that we can install the Club Y2 package in your account. The package will give you updates of what's happening in Club Y. Such things like: Whether a naughty Whyvillian should get banished or not, How we should punish naughty Whyvillians, New ideas on how to refund face parts, that sort of thing.

    Hurry now! Spots are limited in Club Y2, and it is already filling up quick! Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

    (End Y-Mail)

Hmm... Is it just me or does this Y-Mail seem very iffy? Let's analyze it.

First of all, if there was a real Club Y2, wouldn't Whyville City Workers tell you about it in the weekly addition of "What New This Week" in the Whyville Times, instead of Y-mailing it to every single Whyville citizen?

Secondly, why are they asking you for your salary? Sounds like they're more interested in your clams than you. Isn't City Hall able to figure out what our salaries are on her own?

And to make it worse, they ask for your password! Remember NEVER give out your password! True Whyville City Workers will NEVER EVER ask for you password -- so never give it out!

They also ask for your E-Mail Address... uh-oh!

This is definitely a scam! If this finds its way into your mailbox, then 911 report it right away by using the 911 button in the Y-mail.

Have a nice, scam-free day!



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