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Back To School, Back to Books!

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Salutations!  After a nice long hiatus, the Times Editor has come back to Whyville in full swing for exciting things for the paper.  While he was vacationing and getting ready for school, I've been reading your Y-mails (I'm sorry if I don't write back sometimes; I do get a lot of them but my Internet browser crashes often) and been preparing for even better Critique Club.

With the school year approaching, I'm making us a great Fall Reading list.  In order to make your education more enjoyable, I want to design the new list based on your readings in your classrooms.  So I want you to send me what you're reading in class!  Just Y-mail me with the Subject line: Calliope Fall List.  Hey, get your teachers on to Whyville and ask them to send me their readings lists too!  If we get along well, we could even make your next project a big bow-wow at Whyville -- how awesome would that be?

In the meantime, I've decided to shake things up a little at the Critique Club.  Since the reading list is getting revamped, I it might be interesting to set you guys up with a couple articles on the web for easy access and reading.  Many of the citizens have been hankering for a Debate Club, so we're going to try something more like that this week.  The three topics that are going to be discussed this week relate to going back to school: school uniforms, school violence, and prayer in school.  I have a couple online articles listed below, but that doesn't stop you from doing extra reading!

When you do read articles or any information, remember to critique the writing and topic appropriately!  Did they make valid points?  Have the addressed the issue with enough evidence?  Are there any good counter arguments?  Remember, these issues hit most of you at some level or another -- how would you feel if you had to wear uniforms?  Do you already have to wear uniforms?  Are you okay praying in school, but what about your best friend?  And how do you handle a bully?  Where do you put responsibility for horrible events like Columbine?  What do you expect your parents to teach you, and of course, what do your teachers instruct you?

So, this week's Critique Club will have us debating point and counterpoint on all these controversial issues!  If our discussions really take flight, maybe we'll hold more formal debate sessions.  It all depends on you guys, so I'm counting on you to be there!

Keep Musin',

School Uniforms

False alarm: school uniforms to stay (This issue has been brought up recently in South Africa -- how would you feel if this happened in your home town/state/province?  What do you think about what should be done in South Africa?)
Atheist sues over school uniforms:If religion-based objections are heeded by the district, a parent asks, why aren't hers? 
(School uniforms often become a religious issue... why?)
School Uniforms: The Raging Debate, by Darlene Williams (A pretty detailed account.)

School Violence

CNN points about the Columbine tragedy (How do we prevent Columbines from happening again? Have there been anything recent like the attack at Columbine?)
Stop Bullies And Fight Crime? 
(What is violence like at your school?  How far does it go?)

Some websites dedicated to discussing school violence.
The Center for the Prevention of School Violence
National Youth Violence Prevention Campaign
Students Against Violence Everywhere

Prayer In School

Author prays for return of religion (What does your religion practice?  Do you need prayer in school to make your life more moral?)
The Case Against School Prayer
(What are the laws in your country? Why is prayer such a big deal?  Is it a big deal where you are?  Where isn't it a big deal?)


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