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More Theories About the Disaster

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More Theories About The Disaster
Citizens try to figure out what's causing all this trouble

by coolgurl1
      Aware of Apache

Apache, a group of aliens, got to city hall and NOBODY NOTICED!!! They took control of Whyville (because Whyville in the past year has destroy the ancient evil of the Apache). But the great City Hall knew that the Apache had taken control of Whyville. City Hall used her superior intelligence and destroyed Apache. BRAVO CITY HALL!!!!



by Juliette
Reader of tangled webs

I believe that it is in between Iceykiss and Finigan's versions. I believe that a posessed yogurt got tangled between one of Jupiter's moons and Pluto and sucked up City Hall into oblivion. Meanwhile, The Claw signed a peace treaty with the aliens, and they took over Whyville and kicked everyone out and vandalized the place.

(You think that's looney? I haven't even started)--- Juliette



by Lilly2000
A big fan of City Hall

I think Whyville was messed up the other week because of aliens on the planet Whaavit-Diaah. Whaavit-Diaah means "Down with Whyville!".

These evil aliens came to Whyville and held City Hall and all the other important people in Whyville hostage, and shut Whyville down. Finally, City Hall escaped and captured the aliens. She sent them back to the planet Whaavit-Diaah.

But soon they came back and took some of the Whyvillians' clams, a lot of clams. The Whyvillians were in a huge debt of clams, but City Hall saved the day again, and got all the clams back from the aliens.



by Smarties
Watching Grenouille

I believe that some Whyville-hating ex-Whyvillians decided to pay us back in full. They hid in Akbar's, and Grenouille covered for them. They did vandalism and stole from Whyvillians!

But Akbar caught them and they revealed out Grenouille. That caused Whyville to be shut down and caused Akbar and Grenouille to have a sibling rivalry. That is why the disaster occured.




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