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Is the Line Really Crossed?

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Hey, sHaTter3d here.  I'm sure by now almost everyone has noticed at least one of their face parts has begun the countdown to being recycled, and while I feel sad and angry, I have to ask myself, "Have they crossed the line?"

Fortunately for me, nothing of great value has begun the irreversible countdown, but I'm sure other Whyvillians aren't so amused with the choice of face parts they're going to lose.  Yet, while I think about the reason for this need Whyville has to clear our satchels and turn us into walking-talking taters, I seem to understand.  This is the first time I understand how two positives could equal a negative.  More Citizens + More Face Parts = Less Space, right? That seems to represent Whyville right now, don't you think?

Now, think pretty far in advance.  More Citizens - Everyone's Parts = More Space to Spare?  I guess that would be logical, too.  But, if that IS true of Whyville, will our parts continue to be deleted?

I've heard people talking about this so-called crisis in Whyville, filled with "If they take our parts I'm quitting!" and "They won't take our stuff!" I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but if Whyville hasn't been subtle enough, they ARE taking our stuff.  I don't think Whyville put those countdowns up just to scare us. 

And while I'm not happy about this decision, I understand the cause, but that doesn't mean I approve.  Frankly, I don't.  I don't think anyone does, either.  Also, if it is really necessary to free some space, was this decision in the BEST interest of Whyville staff and the Whyvillians? City Hall might have her reasons, but I think other things could have been done about space problem.  Whyville asked for alternative suggestions and Whyvillians responded.  We gave suggestions.  "Take our houses instead! No one uses them anyway!", "We don't really need our dances either", and "Do we really need a million chat rooms no one goes into?!"  Those were just a few suggestions and they all could help this problem, couldn't they?

Think about it.  Deleting our houses would clear up space, but if Whyville cleared our houses we wouldn't need the Brick Emporium, Land Office, or any of the towns either! Not to mention the Taxi may as well be deleted also, because the only purpose it serves, besides transporting us to the houses we don't need, is to take us to the Beach.  The taxi even charges us to go there! Do we really need the taxi to go to the beach for 5 clams when we could use the bus driver for free? That MUST be able to give Whyville a ton of extra space, as well.  Also, bricks for your house are just like face parts, so don't they take up the same amount of space? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems like a logical solution.  Did Whyville take our suggestions seriously?

I think Whyvillians and Whyville need to compromise.  Give a little, take a little.  Yunno?  I'm sorry, but I have to question City Hall's judgment. 

Also, Whyville mentioned after a part gets worn out, someone would have to remake the part.  Is this still part of the deal?

While some of the suggestions I mentioned may offend some people who use their house, par se, I try to speak for all of Whyville.  I'm sure the majority of the population does not want to lose their valuable parts, and unless it is 100% necessary, I don't think we should have to. 

I'm going to go try to release more of my anger in more non-violent ways now. 


Editor's Note: City Management tells me they take all suggestions seriously.  I'm told that if you count up the number of face part designs, there are currently well over 30,000.  Unfortunately, that just doesn't compare to the few dozen brick designs that exist.  They could take away the houses and bricks, but those things don't increase the way face parts do.  If you want to keep face parts from expiring, Whyville needs more than just a little space right now -- the extra space has to grow with the new designs that are made every day. 


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