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Experimenting With Hacking

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I am reporting a very serious issue.  Not only is it common in Whyville, it's happening on other internet chat sites as well.  People have been tricked into giving their password or something personal to someone they don't know or have been manipulated into doing or talking about inappropriate subjects.

I did an experiment while I was at the Whyville Beach.  I told people to whisper if they wanted clams.  I said, if you tell me your religion, I MIGHT give you clams.  You have to pay attention to words like 'might' because that doesn't mean that you are going to get something.  And if it is a stupid question like I asked, then most people will give out their religion.  I got about twenty-five people to tell me their religion that day.

I changed the way I was dressed and a week later I asked the same questions, except without the bribe -- then only five people gave me their religion.  So many people each day fall into this same trap, except they might give out a phone number or a password or something like that.  What should you do?

You should "911" report them if you are on Whyville. Or if you're on another website, use their reporting tool instead.  If they don't have a reporting tool, you might want to leave that chat room and move to another place. All you Whyvillians be on the look-out for scammers who might want something from you....

This is finest, signing out.  Peace.


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