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What is the Point of Whyville?

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Whyville is an online game in which you can interact with other Whyville users in a safe environment. The best thing (which I think parents would like to know) is that while you play games and explore Whyville, you actually learn information that comes in handy in real life!

Clams... what are they? Now, you new folks are probably just as perplexed as I was when I first heard the word "clams". No we aren't talking about shellfish that you would find washed up on the shore! We're talking about Whyville money. Yes, you heard me, money! This money allows you to buy items for your face from Akbar's Face Mall or other users' shops. You can also use them to buy items for your house such as furniture and paint.

Earning clams: In order to get clams, you must play games. Sounds easy, huh? Well, some of the games aren't as easy as they seem! Trust me, always read the directions, which you can find at the bottom of the screen. I have played most of the games and I still have to read the directions!

How do you get to the games? On the left side of your screen, you will see a bus. Click on "destination" and scroll down. You will know when you find the games! (Games such as the Spin Lab will be found in there.) And experiment to make sure you've tried everything. Whyville is full of surprises!

I wish I could chat! Everyone who starts an account on Whyville have an amount of days they can not chat (5 days). The wonderful runners of Whyville want you to be able to use to Whyville and how it works! Trust me, this isn't that easy! If you're 13 or younger, you will need to get your parents' permission (just like a permission slip) to chat

I'm bored; now what? Well, try to get your friends (real life) to join Whyville! The more the merrier! Explore Whyville and its surroundings. Go to the beach party, the airfield and what ever seems interesting to you. Maybe when you are ready and think you know Whyville like the back of your hand, you can write an article for "The Whyville Times" and help others who are in the same situation you once were!

What in the world is a "Whyville pass?" A Whyville pass is a pass that you buy with actual money, NOT clams. It's just like you had a pass to your favorite pool or hangout! It gets you where you need to be faster than people who do not have passes. I don't have a pass, but I am thinking about purchasing one. You might want to think about this also!

Yes I'm done! *phew* well at least you have a better grip on Whyville and how it works!

If you ever need help with anything on Whyville my username is kutecat I welcome anyone to ask me for help ONLY with Whyville???.

I hope you enjoy Whyville as I do!! This is kutecat, signing off???.


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