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More Boycotting

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This is about the article I posted a while ago. After hearing from so many people complaining, I realized I left a lot of information out of that piece. This will be my meager attempt to please the masses of people who disagree or require more information. So here I go.

First issue to cover is the boycott itself. A lot of people probably didn't read the article last week, so I will give you the information from that article again. It's pretty simple. I think Whyville is a little strict and not very lenient with their rules. Then has come the face parts issue that so many hate. Our boycott will be a attempt to try and make them become more lenient with the rules and make some sort of a better deal with the face parts. Contributing to the boycott is the easiest thing in the world. Simply don't buy anything with real money from Whyville. Until they meet the terms set by me (maybe I could make a group of people to help in the decision), no one will buy.

Second issue to cover is the financial state Whyville will be left in. Many believe that Whyville will automatically shut down. Well, WRONG! Whyville has enough money to survive for a few months, but also don't forget the sponsors. Once upon a time the only source of income for Whyville was sponsors and Club Why (which almost no one paid real cash to join). Don't get me wrong, but if they could survive solely on sponsors and saved cash this boycott would definitely fail. But things have changed -- Whyville will eventually run low on money and be forced to give in. This process would be slow enough for Whyville to be able to survive, long enough to meet the requirements I deem necessary. Those requirements aren't all too big but yet enough to make a difference.

Then there's all those people I looked down upon for not knowing everything or disagreeing. That is my fault. I shouldn't have expected them to know what I know or think what I think. I am sorry for the hurt I may have caused them.

Well, this TheJMan and I believe and hope I have given all the information needed in this article.

Editor's Note: The way I understand it, Whyville has enough money to survive a few more months only because of the Why-Passes that have been and will be bought... be careful when you decide to boycott a company, especially one as small as Whyville! You may indeed end up destroying the company, and you'd certainly be hurting a lot of people's livelihoods at the same time. Did you know one of the City Workers had a new baby this past month?


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