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Due to the recent hype about the Y-mail helpers, I thought it might be a good idea for everyone to know what exactly you need to do to get to be one.

First -- don't ask if you can be a City Worker. "City Workers are adults that work for the company that runs Whyville." That's what they'll tell you. They all finished school and went to college so most of you who wanted to be a City Worker as a summer job are out of luck. Maybe after we get our college degrees we could consider it. :-) Anyway, we can do two things for Whyville instead: Become a Y-mail helper or a member of the Y-Safety Patrol.

Are you interested yet? To even APPLY for the job, you have to have two things under your belt:

1. Have a salary of AT LEAST 60 clams
2. Been on Whyville for at least 3 months with a clean slate (that means good behavior, which means no tapes, fines, or any of that not so cool stuff)

If you have that, you can EMAIL (not Y-mail) city-management@whyville.net and ask them if you could help out. They'll email you back a test which you have to pass. They say it's easy if you've already figured out the games. If you pass it, City Hall might consider letting you become a helper!

The last issue of the Times had some talk about making it harder to become a helper. I don't know about that, but I sure want to get in when it's still easier to become one. I really like helping people, I think I'm a pretty good person, and I barely have a salary over 60, so I'm going to email them right now!


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