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Did you know that one in five football players will have mild to severe head injuries this season?  A concussion is a 'disturbance in brain function due to sudden trauma'.  If a head injury goes untreated, it can get more severe and never neurologically repair.

First off, some statistics: 64,000 amateur athletes will suffer from some kind of a concussion with approximately 12,000 of them being football players.  With each head trauma, an athlete can be prone to more similar injuries, even from a small hit.  A doctor studied 88 athletes in contact sports and compared the severity.  Nine of the players that had multiple head injuries, and were more susceptible to the long-term effects of a concussion (i.e. memory loss, inability recall events near to the injury, and confusion).  Do not think that just football players are apt to suffer a concussion.  Wrestlers and female soccer players are very prone to concussions, also.

After the injury, people who have suffered concussions will show symptoms of headaches, dizziness, personality changes, difficulty with memory, or feeling foggy, distracted, or being fatigued.  If they continue to play immediately after the injury they risk getting Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other things affecting brain function.

This article was meant to inform you of the causes of concussions with a few statistics.  I do not consider myself an expert on them, so please correct me if there is anything amiss in what I've written. 

Telling you all to be careful,

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