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Lately, whenever I go on Whyville, all I hear about is boycott Akbar or boycott Why-Passes.  Why are we boycotting?  If you want to get rid of face parts expiring, don't boycott things.  Buy Why-passes, or you could even buy school supplies.  Support Whyville and they won't NEED to limit our face parts!

One of my best friends both in real life and in Whyville, Dramalvr, is doing a boycott.  She was not buying any more parts from Akbar.  But she recently got a y-mail from JasmineK saying that all the boycotts have worked.  JasmineK said that now they weren't getting rid of our face parts but our designs.  My friend was overjoyed.

However, my friend didn't know something that I knew.  She thought that Whyville was already taking away both designs and our face parts.  But they aren't.  A lot of people think this.  I did at the start of "the great face part shortage" (LoL, like my name for it?)  So I asked Bigfoot.  Whyville is not taking our designs, just our face parts.  So what JasmineK said, in my opinion, is even worse.  Instead of getting rid of things that it takes 5 minutes to buy back, they're getting rid of things that it takes hours to design.  Now I don't know if this what JasmineK said is true, but if it is, I think that is horrible.

Editor's Note:  As I understand it, both face parts and designs need to be limited.  If the current system, where individual face parts age, works well, both will be taken care of.

Another problem I have with boycotts is TheJman's article last week.  Boycott Why-Passes?  Does he want to shut down Whyville?  That's what will happen if we boycott Why-Passes.  If we bought Why-Passes and stuff from the Whyville store, the face parts would soon go back to normal. 

So I'm going to list what I think are some acceptable ways to work to get rid of expiring face parts:

1.  Buy Why-Passes.  If your parents say that they're not buying you a Why-Pass, hand them $4.00 and buy it yourself.  As long as you pay back your parents, you're the one paying for the pass.  If they still won't let you, there is a way you can pay with cash.  You have to send it through a more secure mailing though.  The editor once mentioned how to do this but I don't remember when exactly. 

2.  Your parents still won't buy you a Why-Pass? Go to the Whyville store and buy school supplies or a Whyville shirt.  You will get something real for the money you pay there.  That is most parent's objection, that Why-Passes aren't real.  But clothing and notebooks will arrive on your doorstep courtesy of your friendly neighborhood UPS or Fed-Ex guy.  So beg your mom or dad.  Please can't I have a Whyville T-shirt for Christmas? It's just what I've always wanted.  Please?

3.  Delete face parts that have no chances of selling at all.  For example, I have a purple shirt I made that and it has square shoulders and dots in the background where I forgot to erase it.  For the record, I think it sold one.  And that was to me.  I bought one to see how horrible it would look on me.  Things like that you should delete.  Also, delete ads that have run out of ads to fly across the Square.  Doing these two things may free up Whyville's server space just a bit more.  And if we all do it, then we should be able to free up enough space to get rid of the disappearing face parts. 

Those are three ways to help get rid of the face part vanishing act, performed by Merlin the Great, the Whyville magician. 

And this is Hermionez signing off, hoping that Merlin will make that ugly shirt that some relative bought for me disappear. 


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