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Stem Cell Reality

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Hello, this is Ruffy. I'm here to tell you about stem cell research, but I'm not just going to give you the perspective you see on the news. I am going to give you my perspective. My viewpoint is extremely personal, and not exactly too technical.

Why would I think I am knowledgeable? It's because it may be the only hope for my father to live a normal life again. He's paralyzed in his left side from a stroke he suffered in a high-risk operation he had to remove a brain tumor 8 years ago. And now, since he's reached the 8-year point, his left side has been pronounced "dead" and they can amputate, but that's not what he wants. He wants to walk again without using leg braces and a cane. And the only thing with an ounce of hope that can give him what he wants is stem cell research.

"Because harvesting stem cells destroys the embryo, this medical research has become entangled in the abortion debate."

Now, as far as abortion stands, I'm pro-choice. But I don't believe in the misuse of abortion, such as using it as a birth control. If getting pregnant at a wrong time in your life will jeopardize you or your child's chance at a normal, non-poverty lifestyle, it's a hard choice, but I'm sure if there is positively no other way out, such as receiving financial help, giving the child up for adoption, etc, then it's your choice and I hope you make the best one for you. But in the cases where the child's or the mother's life is in danger, and abortion is the only way, I believe in it. When life or death is at stake, go for it. Maybe my dad is not in a life-or-death situation concerning stem cells, but I know people who are.

A guy who has known my dad his whole life has MS. Now he is in a special program at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, that is receiving stem cells and is under study. Why? He was born in Spain, and the levels of people with MS are extremely low there. Because of his unique background, he has a chance to fight his deadly condition. While no one has ever expected him to drive again, he just bought a new racecar, which he is fixing up to be the fastest car there is. People thought he would be in a wheelchair now, but he doesn't even need a cane. Stem cells are helping him beat the odds!

But people like the Pope are fighting it; do they want these people to die? I don't think fighting stem cell research is a symbol of Christianity. I have read the Bible thoroughly and so far, its never told me to let people die when we can help.

But how can we help? This article might not of given you the whole scoop. Do your research: http://www.google.ca or http://www.google.com are good places to search up "Stem Cell Research" if you have any more questions. Ask your doctor for more information, because knowledge is POWER! Let people know how you stand on this issue; have a car wash to raise money for the cause, anything! We cannot let people die! We have to help!



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