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Who Will Win One Hundred Clams?

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Who Will Win One Hundred Clams?
An update on Whyville's first building contest

      Ever since it was announced last week that the winner of the Best House category in Myville's Building contest would win a whopping 100 clams, the town's been all abuzz with excitement. Or maybe it was just me...after all, it's my construction team that's helped realized each and every one of these fantastic designs in Myville!

by Marty B.
Guest columnist

      This 100-clam winner was originally scheduled to be crowned today, but as it turns out, we've got a tie! Kwelioso, who lives on da Vinci and Gutenburg, and Renee, who lives on da Vinci and Descartes, are neck to neck, so the city has decided to extend the contest in order to have a tie-breaker.

      I tracked down Renee today and asked her how she felt about being a front-runner. She was very surprised to hear the news, and said, "Some of my neighbors have criticized my house, so it would be nice if I did win!". Unfortunately, I was not able to reach Kwelioso, the other contender, for comment.

      So, Whyville citizens, who do you think deserves this honor? Should it be Kwelioso? Should it be Renee? Or should it be somebody else? Vote now, or forever hold your peace!

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