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Whyville Mall Grand Opening This Week

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City Workers broke ground this week for the long awaited Whyville Mall! On Friday, October 24, Whyvillians will be able to catch their first glimpse of the mall???s front entrance. The rest of the complex, including shops, special areas, and other features, will open in stages during the following weeks.

The multi-story mall ultimately will house approximately 100 shops, a food court, and a cool central location with a fountain, escalators and lots of room to hang out and chat. Probably the best thing about the mall is that Whyvillians finally will be able to shop together!!! In the past, if someone wanted your hair, he or she had to search for it alone. Now, you???ll be able to take your friends to your favorite store where you can stroll and browse together, giving advice and sharing your opinions of the latest fashions.

Citizens will be excited to learn that the much-requested People Finder also will be located in the shopping plaza. The People Finder will allow Whyvillians to find out which of their friends is in our town and where he or she can be found. Citizens have been clamoring for this tool for a long time so it???s going to get a lot of traffic!

The mall presents new opportunities and as well as new challenges for the Whyville economy.

First, the opportunities: those of you who are aspiring shopkeepers will be able to rent out your own store space! Sell your own face parts or stock the work of Whyville???s hottest designers. Promote your store with advertisements, sales or hire your own street team to spread the word. It???ll be hard work but entrepreneurs stand to make a lot of clams if they stick to it!

Finally, of course, the challenges: in order to make more room for citizens to shop together, the mall???s builders will have to limit the amount of shelf space available. Due to the huge creative output of Whyville face part designers, there just won???t be enough room for shop owners to stock everything. One option that City Hall is considering would involve designers entering lotteries that would take place every week or so. The winners get a voucher that would allow them to market that design. Everyone will have the same chances of winning and seeing their designs on store shelves.

Whether you???re running a business, looking for bargains or simply hanging out with friends, the Whyville Mall promises to be a popular Whyville destination.


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