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Who Wants to be a Times Writer?

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Hey guys, this is hottiemb with some questions other Whyvillians and myself are wondering about.

Okay, first of all, I think I've been on Whyville for a long time. I remember when my first article got published. I was so excited and I wanted to write a zillion more and earn the title of being a Times Writer. I read up on just about every article about the topic and I remember reading that you must have at least 3-5 articles published to be eligible for the title.

I continued writing articles and got about 1 out of every 7 published. It became my goal to get 3-5 articles in the Times. After a while, I got my first 3 articles published and did not receive the title. Well, it says you need 3 to 5, I told myself. By the time I got my 4th article in, I was a little disappointed that I still wasn't a Times Writer. So I still kept on writing and finally got my 5th article published. I was still not a Times Writer! =(

Well, right now I have 8 articles published and I'm wondering why most of my friends are Times Writers and I'm not. Eight is definitely more than 5. I guess the times have changed -- I would like to know how many more articles I will have to write to become a Times Writer??

This was hottiemb signing off. =(

Editor's Note: That's a good question! The 3-5 minimum is for folks who send in absolutely top-quality pieces -- we don't make them Times Writers until they show they'll write regularly and consistently. Regularity is another key: if we see a good article from you every week or two, you've got a good chance of becoming a Times Writer. Note that if you send in lots of articles and most of them are lousy, that'll hurt your chances, big time. And speaking of that, grammar and spelling count! Times Writers don't give their editor headaches! :-)

Let's take a look at hottiemb's articles so far -- http://d.whyville.net/smmk/whytimes/searchParse?title=&author=hottiemb&topic=0&submit=GO

A little more variety would help her here. Fashion articles don't get you far towards Times Writer status, and the City Worker FAQ had good questions, but the answers were written by a City Worker. The best thing for hottiemb to do is to submit some top-notch science and help articles.


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