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Pandora's Box: Whyvillian Style

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The following story is the Whyville version of the Greek myth "Pandora's Box." It is 100% made up.  Any names used were not there when it was originally written.  Hope you like it...

Back when Whyville was perfect, there was a new user.  Her name was o0pandora0o.  In one day, her salary was 80 clams, and she had a great face.  She was obviously talented.  City Hall noticed this right away, and gave her a special gift.  It was a special code for the WASA elevator.  But, City Hall told her, that if she ever uses it, something really bad would happen.  o0pandora0o asked what would happen, but City Hall never replied to the y-mail.  So, she wrote it down and put it away.

Every day, she would go down to the WASA lobby and guess what would happen if she said the numbers.  She hoped that the security guard would accidentally use it for the code for zero gravity levels or something, but that never happened.  She was getting rather annoyed that she couldn't just say five stupid numbers, and she really wanted to know what would happen if she just happened to say them.

One day, the craving to know what would happen got uncontrollable.  o0pandora0o absolutely needed to know.  The only way to stop herself from trying to see was to never go on Whyville again.  So, she didn't.  As soon as she made that decision, she felt like a huge rock had been lifted from her shoulders.

But the next few days were terrible for her.  Curiosity returned.  It was vital that she knew.  The next chance she got, she went on Whyville and headed straight for the WASA elevator.

She was insane with so much curiosity that she didn't stop to think what might happen if she did say the numbers.  The second that she pressed enter, all the evils of Whyville flew into the elevator.  They were things like scammers, stalkers, and expiring parts!

But there were a few more things left on that floor.  They were beautiful things.  Their names were 911 report, Sponsor, and Why-Pass.  911 report would cure things like the stalkers, and Sponsor and Why-Pass would cure things like the expiring parts.  But they would only have an effect on things if people cared enough to call upon them.

And there was one last thing on the floor.  Her name was Hope.  She would give people the hope that Whyville could be perfect again.



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