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Shudder Bug
The Whyvillian Staff Photographer

Photograph Whyville!!!

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Hi everyone, I am Shudder Bug, a new member of the staff of our new magazine, The Whyvillian. I am here to tell you that I WANT YOUR PICTURES of Whyville. Take pictures of your favorite places, your favorite activities, your favorite friends (or even your not-so-favorite friends). Get everyone to jump up and down and yell "GO WhyvilLE", or "STOP WhyvilLE" or "ACHOO" (that will be easy!!). Then take a screen shot and send it in to me -- shudderbug@whyville.net.

But that is not all! Also send in your comments about your photograph, who is in it, what you were trying to show, what it all means!!

And get creative, too -- change the shot, warp it, bend it, add to it. Come on, let's have some digital photography FUN!! Add something you want to see in Whyville (you never know, it might just show up), remove something you don't like,

Go, Go, Go - (do I seem like the nervous type - WELL, Why do you think they call me Shudder Bug???).

Take a warp wagon trip, photograph another country. Have your friends dress up in grass skirts, and hoola hoops. Let's TIKI out!!!! PARTEEEE ---------- PARTYEEEEEE

The most creative photographs/photoart work with the best written descriptions will be published in The Whyvillian!!! Yep, for all you virtual photographers, this is a way to GET IN THE MAG, MAN!!!

Yahoo!!! So CLICK AWAY, get your friends together, make them all say Cheese -- or whatever. Let's stretch ourselves here -- GO FOR IT!!!

This is Shudder Bug, bouncing away -- looking for that perfect Whyville sunset. Hey, there is an idea....

The sky is the limit!!!

Click, click, click, pop, click.

If you have a PC, look for a key on your keyboard marked "Print Scrn". If you hit that key, you'll take a "screen shot" of whatever is on your monitor screen right then.

Then, you just have to open up a paint program, open a new file, and choose to paste. The screen shot will get pasted into your new file.

Now you can cut it down to a smaller size, add text, etc. just like any other picture.

If you have a Mac, you have to hold down 3 keys to print the screen: shift-apple-3. A file, usually called "Picture 1" or some other number will get saved on your hard disk. Just open this file inside a paint program, and you'll be able to do whatever you want to this image. And with shift-apple-4 on a Mac, you can drag your mouse to choose what you want to take a picture of.


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