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What's Spooky This Week!

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It's unbelievable! The Whyville Halloween Party is only week away, but there have barely been any announcements in the paper or the rest of Whyville? Where have our heads gone?

Hey, wait a second... where HAS my head gone? Ahh! I'm headless!!!

Okay, so you can't see the spooky Headless Editor costume I've been wearing around the office for the past week, but I assure you I really gave Bigfoot Bill a fright when I jumped out at him as he was digging around in the refrigerator... say, that's *my* refrigerator...

Anyway, I hear from the rumor mill that Akbar opened the Face Factory for one day last week. He may also be doing it one more time this week, so you folks can do your HALLOWEEN designing! Emphasis on Halloween! He might not have time to accept any non-holiday stuff, so keep that in mind on Sunday when the doors open and you folks flood those face parts in. Akbar promises to do his best getting the face parts processed before Halloween; let's all do our best to make it easy on him by making high-quality parts that follow the rules he's set out. Check out his brother's articles for some good pointers.

As for the Big Bash itself, here are the details:
- Halloween Party at the Haunted House -- Oct. 30, 7 p.m. WST
- There will of course be a costume contest. Prizes to be announced!
- You'll need a password in order to get into the party! Ask around, and check out the weather for a clue!
- Super-gross projectiles (like spiders, garlic and pumpkins that splat all gooey) will again be available in the haunted stairwell!
- Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why doesn't Bigfoot ever dress up like a bigfoot, or Turnip like a turnip, or Calliope like a calliope...???
Times Editor


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