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Guilty or Innocent?

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Guilty or Innocent?
Shortdog learns what people think about 11

   by Shortdog
  Guest Writer

Hello, this is reporter Shortdog with an article about 11.

For those of you who don't know, 11 supposedly rigged the vote for Prom King back in May by making fake names and voting for himself with them. It is known that at least a dozen fake names like qqqq and zzzz came from his computer.

I've asked three different people if they think 11 is guilty or not.

First up is Bigfoot, a major Times reporter.

Me: Do you think 11 is guilty?
Bigfoot: The straight truth is, I don't know. There's really no way to be sure.
Me: OK. Do you think it is more likely that he did it or that one of his siblings did?
Bigfoot: 11 is awfully computer savvy. I'd have expected him to be more clever if he wanted to cheat.
Me: But maybe he didn't bypass that issue because he knew people knew that.
Bigfoot: Exactly. So we can't be sure either way. I hope 11 comes back.
Me: Comes back? He was on this morning.
Bigfoot: Really?
Me: And yesterday. But he had tape.
Bigfoot: Oh. Cool. Someone told me that he hadn't logged on for weeks.
Me: Okay, this is enough.

Our next interviewee was gogogal.

Me: Do you think 11 is guilty?
gogogal: Yes I do.
Me: Why do you think that? Do you have any proof?
gogogal: I have no proof but 11 is just the sort of person who would do that.
Me: Have you ever met him?
gogogal: Yes.
Me: What is he like?
gogogal: He is nice and polite, but I feel that he is not the most honest person.
Me: What gives you that idea?
gogogal: When I talked to him, he was not real straightforward.
Me: How was he not straightforward?
gogogal: I asked him about the prom thing and he said, "Stop asking about it," and if he doesn't deny it, he is guilty.
Me: Lots of people do deny things, and people still think they are guilty.
gogogal: Well, that's my theory.

And last but not least was Karra.

Me: Do you think 11 is guilty?
Karra: No.
Me: Why not?
Karra: I talk to him a lot, and he doesn't seem like he would do something like that.
Me: But couldn't he just be trying to make you think that?
Karra: We never even talk about it. Why would he want to risk giving up the crown after he worked so hard to get it.
Me: Good point.
Karra: Exactly.
Me: But if he didn't do it, who did?
Karra: Maybe people really do think he is popular. You don't think I did it, do you? LOL.
Me: Well, all of the phony names came from his computer.
Karra: Do you have proof of that? I know he has 2 brothers and a sister also.
Me: I don't have proof it came from his computer but someone else does.
Karra: Well then, it's hearsay.

This ends my article. This is Shortdog, signing out.


Editor's Note: According to City Hall, the proof that the phony names came from 11's computer is documented in the Whyville computer logs. That's solid evidence that someone cheated.




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