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What Do You See?

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Walking home I noticed,
the graveyard; lone and dark.
Did I dare walk in, or spare me from my fright?
I read a small sign, and beware, you'll die tonight.

I did not take precaution,
and walked up right in.
So far so good, I had thought
But what a lie, was it not!
I kept on walking,
not so sure of myself,
I did not know what was coming,
But I felt a poke behind my back and started running

I took a quick look back,
and screamed with all my might,
ghosted, were all around me.
Tears swelled my I eyes, I could not see,

What could could I do?
Nothing except graves,
I needed help, quick and fast,
But no one could here me, in this place so vast.

I turned back round,
and twice more were there,
I felt dizzy, cold and sad,
And wished I never had,

I made a round,
and kept on running,
And the what I saw next, held my fate
Alas, it was the gate!

I whizzed past graves
dead trees and grass,
and and I ran out as fast as I could,
and at the entrance of that place I stood,

and watched the ghosts
sink back down in the Earth
And I would never go there again,
unless I did die that night... unless I died that night.


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