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Being Judged

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I love to go on Whyville and chat with people from all over and make new friends. But lately, I have been judged because I am a Christian. People come up to me and say REALLY mean things to me, and I admit... it hurts. Especially when they threaten to kill me because I am a Christian.

One night, what some people said to me got to me so bad, I cried. I'm not going to repeat what they told me. I haven't been visiting Whyville as much as I used to, but I still do go there.

We shouldn't judge people because of their religions and beliefs, we all know better than to do that.

This is TeenOreo, signing off. See ya next time!

Editor's Note: We certainly should know better! What a horrible thing, to be threatened in Whyville of all places! This town was created to open minds, not close them. Folks, if you ever see someone threatening another person (or if you're threatened yourself), please try to calm the person down and find a way to make peace -- and if you don't think that can happen, immediately 911 report the threatening person. Whyville is NOT a town where citizens must put up with having their lives endangered!!!


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