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Help the Earth!

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I was walking down the street a few days ago, and I was looking around at the mountains. I know a lot of people may not have mountains but if you do I hope you appreciate them.

Anyway, I was thinking about how small that mountain would be if I looked at a map of the world. I was also thinking of how big our Earth is, but you know what? People say we're destroying the Earth, and if you really think about it, do we NEED all the stuff we're killing our planet for? I think we should cut down on all our so-called "luxuries". If it's killing the Earth, I don't think we need it. I mean, if we want to be alive we should keep it that way.

Think if your great great grandchildren would die because our Earth would have no more resources. Do you want that to happen?

Although there are SOME ways you can help to stop this happening to our Earth, they probably won't actually help if just a few people recycle. It's not enough. So people, try to help the Earth!

You could:

* recycle ALL of your trash (it's worth the effort)
* try not to buy things with too much packaging
* maybe buy more organic-type foods
* buy environmentally safe products
* don't litter

There are lots of other ways too. Be creative!

Well, thanks for reading this.



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