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Yay! I finally became a vegetarian!!

And, because I am sooo happy about my switch, you can see how much BabyPowdr's summer 2002 article Vegetarianism bothered me! I tried talking to myself, "Let it gooo!" but it didn't work. I was ready to eat her for dinner instead of my tofu.

So I am taking my stand by writing an article.

BabyPowdr says that:

I don't believe it is wrong to be vegetarians, but frankly, it isn't right. There is such a thing as a food chain, and a chain of events. You must know that if one thing stops eating another, the thing that is no longer being eaten gets out of control and overpopulates, causing a chain reaction. Whatever it ate, it will eat more of, and make that creature or plant endangered. It will be reduced to nothing, due to the overpopulated predators.

If you don't eat meat and it lies rotting in the food shelves... guess what?? Because of the drop in demand, they will stop slaughtering as many cows to make meat. I mean, if no one eats it, they won't make as much!

Also, when scientists look at our bodies, they see that it appears that we would be better suited to a vegetarian lifestyle. We have no hard, curved, sharp claws like most carnivores, we have soft, flat fingernails. We don't have sharp teeth, like carnivores, we have flat teeth, more suitable for grinding plants then ripping into animals.

So are we helping the chain of events... or destroying it?

Of the animals that become extinct each year, some of those we have snacked on right to extinction.


Of people, maybe!

Humans no longer die to feed animals, because of our cities, cars, and more. Is that helping the chain of events???

I doubt it!!

Personally, I choose not to snack on meat not because of the fact that it is a dead carcass, but because of the conditions the animals live in.

How would you like to be a veal cow, taken from your mother almost as soon as you were born to be stuck in a box where you cannot move or even lie down as they want the most tender meat for veal, so the calves cannot develop any muscle. The only time these calves ever see the light of day is the day they are getting taken to the slaughter.

And hey, it's not like its exactly good for the environment!

All those animals produce a lot of... well... poop. And lots of that poop gets dumped right in rivers and lakes, polluting them!

So think before you eat that carcass.

Much love,

Editor's Note: Where do you get some of your info, 8Dyay8D? I might believe you, but when you say "scientists" believe our bodies are better suited to a vegetarian lifestyle, what scientists do you mean? Because I saw a lecture at Caltech a few years ago where the scientist said it was only because we ate meat back when humans were Neanderthal-era that we have the big brains we have now!

Have you read articles by scientists, or did you pick this info out of Teen magazine? There's a BIG difference. If you did the 20-year study yourself, that would mean a lot, too! ;-) The point is, if a writer tells you that somebody said something, that author had better tell you WHO and WHERE, so we can double-check it if we want to. That makes for stronger writing AND stronger arguments!

p.s. I'd like to know what animals have been snacked into extinction... I always thought it was usually the house building, fur trappers and tusk hunters that caused the most damage. I could be wrong!


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