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Petrifying Pictures and Spooky Stories

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On Thursday, October 30, Hauntington House opened. I of course forgot about it, even though I'd been planning for weeks. But I did go on Halloween and the day after. While I was there, I took some pictures. This should help you people who are as forgetful as me about the Hauntington House. I'll also tell you my version of the story of how Hauntington House came to be.

I'm sure you have heard of many city workers, but there's one worker that few people know of. Her name was Pumpkin and she loved Halloween. Her house was always decorated with the scariest things, like the heads of zombies. She even kept pet bats and vultures!

All year, she told ghost stories that would send shivers up the citizen's spines. Her stories kept getting scarier and scarier, until they became too scary for teenagers. City Hall made Pumpkin promise that she would only tell stories and decorate her house on Halloween and the week after. Pumpkin sighed and pleaded, but eventually had to give in. City Hall had thought up a horrible punishment, forcing Pumpkin to promise.

Pumpkin sat on the steps of her plain, shabby house and tried to stop thinking about Halloween. But the more she thought about blue skies, the more she thought of a terrifying thunderstorm rolling in. The more she thought of sparrows chirping in springtime, the more she thought of her venomous vultures. Pumpkin was so melancholy, she decided to take a walk and talk to Whyvillians, hoping they would take her mind off of Halloween. But they only made it worse. Seeing all these people with no bodies just reminded Pumpkin of her haunting heads and zombies.

Eventually, Pumpkin just couldn't take it anymore. She headed for Whyville Square where she told her best ghost story yet. But just as she got to the part where the hero hears footsteps creeping up behind him, Pumpkin heard footsteps behind her. She turned around and was dismayed to find... City Hall!

"What did I tell you about ghost stories? Halloween is two months away!" bellowed City Hall.

"I'm really sorry," pleaded Pumpkin. "but you see I had to, because...."

"None of your excuses!" City Hall yelled, taking Pumpkin by the arm. "You're coming with me to discuss that punishment I mentioned earlier."

And that was the last anyone ever saw of Pumpkin. Her house disappeared and you can't find her name in city records. Or was it really the last we saw of her?

City Hall decided that Pumpkin couldn't be a City Worker anymore. She stripped her of her title. But she decided that this wasn't enough. City Hall changed Pumpkin into our friend the Toucan, forever destined to help Newbies along the road to becoming an Oldbie. But every Halloween, City Hall allows Pumpkin to bring back her house. To get into Pumpkin's house, Hauntington House, you must tell her the password.

As soon as you go into the house, Pumpkin is transformed back to her old body, a ghost form. She will greet you at the door and tell you about some of the creepy decorations she's put up.

I sure hope Pumpkin enjoyed her week out of the Toucan body. I enjoyed my trip to Hauntington House. Did you?

This Hermionez signing out, saying, you never know if someone's creeping up behind y... AHHHH!...BOOOO!

Scared you, didn't I?


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