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All the people on Whyville who live in the United States should know who our President is: The overrated, much loved (not by me) George W. Bush! I don't want to sound like I am trying to bring Bush down from office, but this is my opinion, so deal with it.

Something I can't stand is what he has done to Iraq. It's not fair. Yes, I guess I am glad that he ran off Saddam Hussein, but I believe Bush only did it for two greedy reasons: oil and his father's reputation. And for all those who don't get out much, you should know that Bush's family owns an oil refinery. I think Bush wants all that oil in Iraq just to make more money.

As I understand it, when Bush's father was President (1989-1993), Hussein tried to harm him, and in the end, made a huge joke out of him. Would you want all that to be remembered, especially if you had the power to make that all backfire? Heck, who would? Editor's Note: Hussein actually never attacked the United States or George Bush directly, nor am I aware of anything he did to turn Bush into a joke. On the other hand, when the elder Bush kicked Iraq out of the small Middle Eastern country Kuwait, many looked down on him for failing to remove Hussein from power. Maybe that's what you mean!

So, Bush Junior decided he would find a good excuse, and start a stupid war with Iraq, with no REAL reason (well, none that actually mattered)! Bush just destroyed Iraq, and he barely knows it! He has been sending troops there, to search for weapons of mass destruction, and that's nonsense, as far as I'm concerned. Iraq is way too poor to afford the equipment, let alone enough food for everyone and enough medicine.

Recently, Bush used 2 billion, yes, TWO BILLION dollars to continue the search.

He drove Hussein out, and now to me he is clearly working on getting all that oil to the States. The reason he doesn't tell the truth: sheer greediness!

Bush has just put the USA into a huge deficit -- $87 billion??? -- which will result in more people getting laid off, and much more poverty, in our country as well as Iraq.

Now, before I explode writing about this, I just want to say, when you get the chance, be VERY careful for who you vote for.

This is athena92, signing off.


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