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Culture Shock

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Author's Note: I was born in switzerland and lived there for a while so i thought some ppl would want to know what it was like there. Maybe even learn a couple of words.

When I lived in Switzerland, life was very different. Here in the U.S., most schools start swimming in Middle School. In Switzerland, we started in Kindergarten. We would get taught how to swim with our regular class
teachers. (Imagine seeing your teacher in a bathing suit. LoL!)

Most kids start school later there. I'm in 6th grade, but I'm turning 13 in 2 months. Most of my friends say, "Really? Aren't you supposed to be in 7th or 8th grade?" The answer is, not really.

When you get into about 9th or 10th grade you to what is there called "stiffty". That's a little like an apprentice or an internship. You work and help them out without getting paid, and in exchange they teach you about whatever subject you choose. In elementary school, you just have a snack, not lunch. You go home for lunch!

I have walked to school since kindergarten, and it really is safe because you walk with a whole big group and it's pretty fun.

Hear this! You have a toothbrush in elementary and you have to brush your teeth after every snack. Then, every 3 months or so, a dentist comes to our school and checks our teeth! This was always fun for me because the night before we would brush our teeth really good.

So, now you know a little about life in Switzerland and I'll teach you some words in German, one of the major languages in the country.

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Hope you had fun! If you have any questions, post them or y-mail me.


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