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About Akbar's Origin

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Everyday thousands of Whyvillians log on and head over to Akbar's to check out the new styles. I never really questioned Akbar's name before, never asked where it came from, but in my World History Class, I learned what may be the origins of Akbar's name.

Akbar the Great was a Mughal emperor of North and Central India. Akbar was the third emperor and had a long reign from 1556 to 1605. He did a lot of good for easing the tensions between Hindus and Islamics.

Akbar's greatest policy was that of tolerance of other faiths and religions. Both Hindus and Islamics were allowed government positions under Akbar; also, he abolished the tax on non-Muslims, helping greatly to unite his country even more. He later married a Hindu Princess and held other Hindu Princes as his partners. Akbar's tolerance aimed at Hindu-Muslim unification through the introduction of a new religion known as Din-i-Ilahi.

A surprising thing about Akbar is that despite the fact that he couldn't read, he had a great desire for knowledge. Akbar maintained an extensive library and he had his courtiers read to him so that he knew as much as any learned scholar. His court was filled with many scholars widely know as "Nauratan".

Akbar had three sons. Sadly one son, Prince Salim did not like his father and raised rebellions against him. The last four years of Akbar's life were spent crushing Prince Salim's rebellions.

In 1605, Akbar fell ill and died of slow poisoning. His name went into history as India's greatest emperor.

So that, kiddies, is the origin of Akbar's name. I wish I had history like that behind my name!



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