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A Whyville How To: First in a Series

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Hey this is ShortHart again, hoping this article and its sequels get published someday! You may be saying to yourself: Sequels? I don't even know what THIS article is about yet! Well, let me explain. I'm hoping to write a series of articles explaining how to do certain things in Whyville, such as take a ride in hot air balloon, design a best selling face part, or raise 1,000 clams!

This first "How To" is How to Write a Great Petition, aka How to Write a Petition That Will Get Responses!

First: What not to write about:
1) Anything involving dating. Why? Whyville never has supported virtual dating, so why would they now?
2) Better face parts. You design them, so City Workers really have no say about what the part looks like. They take parts off the shelves if they don't sell well, and if you shop around enough, you'll find something worth while!
3) 1,000 (or whatever the amount) clams a day. Ever heard about inflation? If people start earning more, then prices go up. So you wouldn't be able to buy more -- you'd just buy the same things with MUCH higher prices. You know that shirt that you have your eye on, but costs 100 clams? If we all earned 1,000, then it would cost more than Club Why!
4) No expiring face parts. Don't complain about that, without giving a better solution, that is. If you can think of a better way to save server space, go right ahead and write that petition. Actually, please do! But make sure you know all the reasons City Workers are expiring parts!

Second: Use correct spelling:
1) Use spell check on a different program. If you can open another page at the same time, that is.
2) Use a dictionary, if you have one handy. You can find dictionaries at www.m-w.com and www.dictionary.com.
3) Try using a different word. If you can't decide on the spelling, find a different word with a similar definition, but easier to spell!

Third: Be polite:
1) Don't swear. Your petition will only get 911 reported, then deleted.
2) Don't insult fellow Whyvillians. Citizens are very likely to focus on that, even if it's just a few words among lines and lines of writing, and not sign the petition. No matter how good your petition is otherwise, we don't want to be insulted. Also, City Hall will look down on it for that.
3) Don't insult City Workers. Same as above applies. Would you agree with something if it wasn't respectful towards YOU? Even if the idea is excellent, part of Whyville is about teaching you how to be a productive part of the real world.
4) Be fair to the other side. No matter how much you disagree! Which means making an argument in your favor without offending or attacking your opponent. This can be hard, but try, really try. And make a good point. That means, back up your opinion with good logic. Sometimes that will even change the opinion of your opponent!

Hope you take my advice and write a Whyville-changing petition.

Off to eat some more Peanut Butter M&M's! Yum! My favorite!
Still me: ShortHart


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