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War with Iraq: Newest Report

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I was looking back at older articles and notice there hasn't been talk on Iraq since April 11, or at least that I found. I may be wrong, but I have questions I still ask myself: "Is the war over?"

Now, to some Canadians this may be a boring subject, but you live next to the United States, so it should be your concern, too.

I read in the news that the war is over. Then you look on the TV and you see Americans risking their lives to fix Iraq. You see the braveness of those soldiers and think, "How can they be there when their country is America?"

I have the answer. They are there trying to make sure a WWIII doesn't happen. They are rebuilding Iraq, making sure someone doesn't do what happened to start WWII.

America is spending billions on them. Don't you think it's a little much? We need to help them get on their feet, but they need to govern themselves. We can't baby-sit Iraq forever. Iraq needs to get its own leader and have us just guide them, not lead.

Canadians, as I said before, you may not care but we are your neighbors and if we get attacked I fear you may get hurt, too.


Editor's Note: What started WWI and WWII? I'd like to know what Whyvillians know about these world-shaking events. Some people say that it was the Europeans' meddling with borders and other countries' rulers that caused those wars -- very similar to what's happening in Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it different? What do you readers know about the world wars and others?


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