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Mystery of the Stolen Projectiles

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Hello, I am agent Hotti509. I am working on case #0519237486, a mystery about someone stealing from the Projectile Shoppe. We have 3 suspects of who might have done this crime; Mimi, Bob, and the Times Editor.

The crime scene!

Writer's Note: None of this is real, it is all make believe. No one stole from the Projectile Shoppe.

Their Motivations
Mimi: People were getting mad at her for her slow or no dance instruction, and perhaps she was trying to get attention away from her.
Bob: Tired of all the people getting mad at the lack of plots, maybe Bob wanted people to worry about something else.
Times Editor: No one was reading the Times... a mystery like this would surely be in the Times, so people would read it.


Me: Were you upset that people were mad at you yesterday?
Mimi: A little, but I got over it.
Me: Where were you yesterday?
Mimi: Teaching Navygal to dance.
Me: Can I ask Navygal if that is true?
Mimi: Go ahead.
Me: Okay, I'll be back later.

Me: Navygal, can you confirm that Mimi was teaching you to dance yesterday?
Navygal: Yes, I can show you the dances she taught me too.
Me: Okay, show me then.

*Navygal starts a dance called ???Dance The Dance'*

Navygal: Like what you see?
Me: Very good. I will talk to you later.

Me: Mimi, what dance were you teaching her?
Mimi: She called it ???Dance the Dance.'
Me: Okay, your story adds up, you're free to go.

Well, I guess it can't be Mimi after all. Onto the Times Editor, or T. E. as I call him.

Me: Hello.
T.E.: Hi, Hotti509.
Me: Are you mad that people have stopped reading the Times?
T.E.: I am, but I can't really control Whyvillians, so I just let it be.
Me: Where were you yesterday?
T.E.: I was helping City Hall come up with new ideas for Whyville.
Me: I will get back to you in one minute, stay here.

Me: City Hall, may I ask you questions about the Times Editor?
C.H.: Sure, ask away.
Me: Were you and T. E. deciding on new ideas for Whyville yesterday?
C.H.: Yes, we were deciding on whether or not to add a TV to Whyville.
Me: Thank you for your time.

T.E.: You have all the information you need?
Me: Yes, you're free to go, I don't need you any more.

The Times Editor's story checks out too. All that's left is Bob.

Me: Bob, where were you yesterday?
Bob: Why do you want to know?
Me: I am investigating the mystery on the Projectile Shoppe.
Bob: Oh, well....
Me: Yes, where were you?
Bob: I was... say, I'm missing my pencil, I have to go now, sorry.

Bob was no help at all. Let's see our clues found at the Projectile Shoppe.

Looks like Bob's glasses.

Bob said he was missing a pencil. Looks like his.

Matches the hair of Bob.

I think this case is solved, I will go take Bob to City Hall.

Me: Bob, please come with me.
Bob: Okay, where to?
Me: Talk to City Hall.
Bob: Fine, tell me why when we get there.

*Bob and I walk over to City Hall.*

C.H.: This is your culprit?
Me: Yes. Bob, go over there. *points to chair*
Bob: Yes, ma'am
Me (to City Hall): I need to show you the interviews and clues. You see how Bob doesn't have his glasses -- *picks up glasses* -- they were found at the crime scene.
C.H.: I see, is that all you have?
Me: No -- *points to baggie* -- these hair strands are his, too. This pencil, he said it was missing, it was also found at the Projectile Shoppe.
C.H.: May I see your interview?
Me: Here. *hands paper to City Hall*

C.H.: Way to solve the case, Hotti509!
Me: Thank you. *takes a bow*

That is how I solved the Case #0519237486, the mystery of the Projectile Shoppe.

Give Detective Hotti509 any case and I can solve it! :-)



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