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Razelberi here, with another exciting fashion article!

I'll call this a Girl's Fashion Guide for the Year 2003 in Whyville! (So guys, unless you want to read on, bug off! LoL.)

Okay. So you've just entered your Whyville account for the very first time. (Assuming that you've already made clams -- I'll tell you how to to do that in a future article.  Or you can read the "How To" article in this week's paper.) What do you do? Well, in my opinion, a girl's gotta do what girls do best. And what, may I ask, is that? Why, SHOP of course!  That's what I say, anyway!

But what to buy? There are hundreds of parts in Akbar's Face Mall! What do you buy?  Let's assume that you want to be normal, just like everyone else. That can be arranged. Here are some tips:

* Eyes, nose and lips should be quite low on the face.
* Necks shouldn't be either too long, nor too short.
* Lips should be placed on the neck or just above.
* Forehead shouldn't appear too large. Here's a quick pointer: When purchasing hairs, be sure to buy multiple copies to layer on top of each other on your head.
* Small decorations (like fans, earrings, etc.) are fun to play around with, and to collect!

Let me just state one thing: You don't have to follow my guide. I encourage originality! Go for it! If you see a hair or face part that you like, buy it! Wear it! Who knows? You might start a trend!

Wait! Before you go out on your shopping spree (which, by now, you are dying to do), you have to pick the 'attitude' that goes along with you! Is it preppy? Punky? Gothic? A little in between? Or just plain crazy? If you can think up something other than what I listed here, try it out!

I know, I know. This is a short article. Not my usual. But, I'm being unique! LoL. Ok. Forget that.
Gotta Blast! (LoL, Jimmy Neutron!!)

Bending Pinecones,


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